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Introducing Frank Worgan

Frank was born in Lancashire and was invited to undertake full-time evangelistic work when he was 19 years of age; Frank has been a Christian for 73 years and has preached and taught in over 20 different countries. As Professor of Missions at Harding University, Frank has lectured and preached in over one hundred towns and cities. Since 1954 he has been supported in his work by the Church of Christ at 6th & Jackson, in Odessa, Texas.

This web page features over 270 of Franks sermons in audio (MP3) format


01a Patriarchal age
01b Mosaic Age
01c The Christian Age
01d Redeeming Man
01e Church History
2Cor 01 10 Salvation
2Pet 2 09 Who are You
a Rainbow
A Wonderful Saviour
Abide in Me
Acts 01 09 Jesus Returns
Acts 05 01
Acts 08 01
Acts 17 29 God
Acts 20 35 To Give
Almighty God
Angels FWorgan
Answers1 by Frank
Answers2 by Frank
Answers3 by Frank
Ask it will be Given
Assurance of Pardon
Assurance of Salvation
Astronomy Bible
At the Right Time
Authority of Christ1
Authority of Christ2
Barren Fig tree
Before and After
Believe in God
Better to Give
Bible Historical accuracyof
Bible History
Bible Mistaken Ideas
Bible mistakes
Bible Study
Blessings of Faith
Blood of Christ
Book of Life
Bundle of Life1
Bundle of Life2
Burden Easy
Burning hearts
care confidence
Christian authority
Christian challenge
Christian fall away
Christian good man
Christian Hope
Christian hope2
Christian Unity1
Christian unity2
Christian what is
Christs Blood
Church matters the
Church begins
Church family
Church is important1
Church is important2
Church is important3
Church today1 matter
Church today2 matters
Church today3 matter
church Unity
Church when began
Dare to be a Daniel
Deity believe that I AMFW
Deity of Christ1
Deity of Christ2
Deity of Jesus3
design in universeFW
Deut 06 04 Oneness of God
discipleship in wordFW
divine magnetFW
Divine1 initiative revealed
Divine2 initiative revealed
Empty Tomb
Enjoy Religion
Eph 01 Church Begins
Existance of God
Extend your Life
Finished work of Christ
Forgiven sins
Forgiveness of sins
Forgiveness our friends


Gal 4 04 Right Time
Gal 6 09 Well Doing
Galatians intro FW
Gen 03 15 I AM
Glimpse of the other side
Go fishing
God and you
God cares
God gives abundantly1
God givesabundantly2
God in the grip of
God is concerned
God is here
God is interested in you
God knows you
God so Loved
God who carries
Good neighbours
Grace and Faith
Great Commission
Great Promises
He does it well
Heaven1 FWorgan
Heaven2 Frank
heaven3 FWorgan
Heaven4 FW
Heb 02 05 Angels
Holy Spirit you1
Holy Spirit you2
Holy Spirit3
Humour Ian Davidson
I am the Truth
In unity
incarnation designFW
Incarnation doctrineof
instrumental music
Isa 06 God and You
It is finished1
It is finished2
Jesus cares for you
Jesus character
Jesus eternal life
Jesus gives life
Jesus Jerusalem
Jesus life after death
John 0 Intro
John 03 16
John 05 Lame Man
John 9 01 Blind Man
John 10 10 Shepherd
John 10 10 abundant life1
John 10 10 Abundant Life2
John 10 10 Jesus gives more
John 11 01 Lazarus
John 13 01
John 15a True Vine
John 15b True Vine
John 20
John 20 01 Birm
John 20 21 Might Believe
Joseph already in Egypt
kinship with God
know sins forgiven
last week
life without fear
Living Stones
Lord is in this Place
Lords day
Luke 02 41ff
Luke 13 01
Luke 16 16 The other side
Luke 22 Peters Denial
Luke 24 44 Burning Heart
Magnify God
Make your mind up
Man of God
Manoahs Wife
Mans thirst
Mark 06 48 meant to pass
Mark 09 01 You are Christs
Mark 12 23 True Worship
Matt 18 25 Discipline
Matt 27 33 Were YOU there
Matt 27 35 It is finished


Mourning lost Tribe
My Grace is Sufficient
N T baptism
Names of Deity
Nature of God1
Nature of God02
Nature of God3
New Testament Baptism
O T prodigalFW
Old Testament Prodigal
Omniscience of God
One destiny JohnGibson
One People J Gibson
Original sin
Out of Religious Confusion
Palsied man
Parable SWorgan
Peter with Jesus
Peters denial1
Peters Denial2
Possess own Possessions
Press on to the goal
Problem of suffering2
Prodigal Gods gifts
Prodigal son2
Psalm 39
Psalm 40 1 Being Christian
Psalm 63
Psalm 114 Thankfulness
Question JesusFW
Rainbow Promises
Reading Scriptures
Rich young man
Rich young ruler
Rom 03 23 Sin
Royal People
s age of anxiety SWorgan
s Attitude to work SWorgan
s Christian Work SWorgan
s Forgiveness SWorgan
s Unity StephenWorgan
Sci Fi or die
Science Bible
Shall We Live Again
Sin principle
Sing Worship
sins can be forgiven
Spoke with Authority
Step out of the boat
Taken away my Lord
The church1
The church2
The Fruit Trees
The Grip of God
The True Vine
Things that Save us
Thou art the man
Tragedy of wrong decision
Two Covenants
Understanding the Bible
unforgivable sin1
Unforgivable sin2
Victory in Jesus
Virgin Birth
Virgin Birth2
Way I AM the
Way to a better life
Way to eternal life
Weaving of life FWorgan
Were you There
what about heaven
What church does it matter
What happens when I die
What happens when we die1
What is the Gospel
When did it begin
Who are you
Who cares1 for my Soul
Who cares2 for my Soul
wig04 Sons through faithAFerrie
wig87 Forgiveness02FW
wig87 forgiveness03FW
Work of the Holy Spirit
Worthy of the lamb
Xmas plus
You belong to Christ

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