Useful links for Bible Resources

  • The Scriptures - Good sermons and helpful studies
  • Bible TV - A useful website for Video Bible Material.
  • Bible Answers - wide range of biblical material in Text, Audio and Video format produced by Tony Coffey, who ministers at Renalgh Christian Church, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Jim McGuiggan - Official website of brother Jim McGuiggan. He is the author of several books including celebrating the Wrath of God; Heading Home with God; Life on the Ash Heap; Jesus: Hero of Thy Soul and The Dragon Slayer.
  • Jim McGuiggan Reflections - Youtube channel for Jim's weekly  video studies 
  •  Internet Radio from Northampton Church - a Church of Christ radio with Live Talk shows, as well as Sermons from some of the greats. Latest information related to the church events in the UK, as well as live broadcasts.
  • Coffman Commentary: Free access
  • British Bible School :  Distance learning programme for those who wish a deeper study. Practical In-House Training options for congregations or small groups.Personal tutoring for all students enrolled on our Applied Biblical Studies course.
  • African National :  Good Bible Commentary and other useful articles.
  • Accapella Singing :  Hymns – Kleinwood Annual Singing
  • Accapella Singing - TV : Hymns – Search TV Music
  • Greatbarr Church of Christ:  website maintained by the saints who meet at Greatbarr Area of Birmingham, England. Wide range of biblical material  by Mike Glover, Frank Worgan, Graeme Morrison, Tony Coffey and others
  • Executable Sermon Outlines on various topics by brother Mark A Copeland.
  • Scripture Standard:  One of the oldest teaching magazines of churches of Christ published from the United Kingdom. With pdf format of magazine articles from1935 to 2014.

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