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These resources are meant to encourage bible study and to help answer some of the bibles more difficult textual questions.

  • Small Group Studies
    This is the result of the life work of Graeme Offer from Australia. This series of Bible Studies for Small Groups is the result of a merger of a number of factors. His purpose is to equip people to be able to teach others also (2 Tim 2:2) as well as to provide a “commentary” on the New Testament that will help us to better understand God’s word.
  • Bible Tracts
    These are a few Bible useful tracts that are ready to be printed just change your contact address. Some of the graphics are good quality making the files larger.
  • Questions and Answers
    Most of these questions and answers come from a Magazine called the Scripture Standard, based in the UK they deal with some of the more difficult textual questions that people struggle with.

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