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Introducing Jim McGuiggan

Jim McGuiggan is the author of several books including celebrating the Wrath of God; Heading Home with God; Life on the Ash Heap; Jesus: Hero of Thy Soul and The Dragon Slayer.

This page has over 200 of Jim's sermons.

Sermons K-W

kingdom 01 of God 83
kingdom 02 of God 83
kingdom 03 of God 83
kingdom 04 of God 83
kingdom 05 of God 83
kingdom 06 of God 83
Kingdom1 of God
Kingdom2 of God
Kingdom3 of God
Kingdom4 of God
Kingdom5 of God
Knowing God
Living by Rules
Lord Worth Talking About
loves me loves me not
Madness of it All
Millennialism Ed Wharton
Miracle at Capernaum
Monkeys with Typewriters
Mugged by a fish
O Worship1 the King
O Worship2 The King
O Worship3 The King
One Hope Lectureship 2011
Pip Onesiphorus Oscar Wilde
Power1 to see it through
Power2 to see it through
Prayer1 God First1 JM
Prayer2 Confessional Nature JM
Prayer3 Congregational1 Nature JM
Prayer4 Congregational2 Nature JM
Prayer5 Pray To The Spirit
Prayer6 God First2 JM
Prayer7 Like Christ
Prayer8 Special Treatment
Prayer9 Gods Will
Prayers Miracles1
Prayers Miracles2
Prayers Miracles3
Preach What
Prodigals 20-20 Vision
Reject the right god
Response of Faith1
Response of Faith2
Response of Faith3
Response of Faith4
Rocks Shadows Stream
Rome rules 2
Say we 2
Scottish Farmer Isa 53
sharing central Message
Sidon Adventure
slayer1 Jim McGuiggan
slayer2 Jim McGuiggan
slayer3 Jim McGuiggan
slayer4 Jim McGuiggan
slayer5 Jim McGuiggan
slayer6 Jim McGuiggan
slayer7 Jim McGuiggan
smoky temple
Stop Gulpin food
Tuba my Barney
Two bags of Chemicals
Unshakable Kingdom
What Andrew Found
What day was that
White Cliffs
Who You Are
Why0 be baptised
Why1 be baptised
Why2 be baptised
Why3 be baptised
Why4 be baptised
Worlds1 In Collision
Worlds2 in Collision
Worship God

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